Introducing Letterpress Helper!

In the spirit of all my other helper tools, I am proudly introducing my Letterpress Helper. You enter all 25 letters, and it can quickly show you all words you can play! An added bonus is you can choose which letters MUST be in the list of words, and which letters MUST NOT be in the words. This does not condone cheating, but sometimes people just need a hand to learn, and once they have enough experience, a true lover of the game will rely on their own skillz rather than rely on crutches. But in order to get to that next level, sometimes you need some help. So use this responsibly, otherwise your friends will stop playing with you!

I still need to change the tiles to show Letterpress tiles as opposed to WWF-style tiles… that will take some time for me to get those, so in the meanwhile: Sorry!

I am toying with the idea of having a screenshot uploader to help with entering the words, much like my WWF Tile Counter. Let me know if this would interest you!

Enjoy, and as always if you have any feedback, please let me know!

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Scramble With Friends Daily Challenge 3 Part Deux

Yesterday, the third and final Daily Challenge of this time came out.

It’s exactly like last time, where you needed to play as many words as possible, in a board filled with DL and TL tiles.

The best I could come up with are words that included “INGS” like BLEATINGS, BEATINGS, BLATHERING, LATHERING, or the absolute best word I could muster, that got an “UNBELIEVABLE” was LEATHERING.

So far, I think I’m second in my group of friends.  However, like last time, I really only have 3 “friends” on SWF, so it doesn’t say much.

I guess that’s that for the Daily Challenge.  Of course, it’s a way for Zynga to get us to spend more coins, but I like it.  I like the fact that you can play as many games by yourself as possible, and it still keeps a competitive aspect to it.  Zynga needs to keep this up, and expand the types of games that you can play with SWF.  I like the idea of playing games by yourself, just for fun, so hopefully this continues!

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Scramble With Friends Daily Challenge 2 Part Deux

The Daily Challenge 2 came out on Sunday, and it consisted of another rather easy challenge.

The goal was to find words of length 4 or more.  Any words less than 4 were not counted to your final score.

What can I say, not really that creative.  There were some decent words in there, like PLANTED, PAINTED, SAINTED, SLANTED, PARTED, etc, words that use both double word letters.  Other than that, just a run-of-the-mill challenge.


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