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I was introduced to a new game over Christmas vacation called “Letterpress”. It’s actually pretty fun, and addictive.  It is available for the iPhone and iPad, and presumably Android in the near future.

How does it work?

The way you play the game is by selecting letters to make words from the available letters on the board.

Every time you use a letter to make a word, you claim ownership over it, and it turns to your color, be it blue, red, etc.

Every letter you claim gives you +1 point.  Once every letter on the board has been claimed, the game ends, and the player with the most amount of points wins the game.

However, your opponent is free to make their own words from any letter on the board, including ones that you have claimed.  If your opponent creates a word using a letter that you have already claimed, then they will claim ownership, and it turns to their color and you lose a point.

A special feature is that if you claim a letter, and you also own all the adjacent letters around it, then it turns into a darker color.

These darker letters are protected in that your opponent can still use them to form a word, but they can’t claim the letter and it remains owned by you.  However, if they claim even one letter around that protected letter, it will lose that protected status and revert to the lighter color, and it means that the next round they could potentially take that letter.


Overall, this game is very fun!  The interface is really slick and clean, and the gameplay is very fun.  Playing random opponents a couple of times will help you get an idea for the game.  The games are relatively quick, and with a motivated opponent, you could easily finish the game in a bout 7-10 mins.  There’s a lot to be said about Letterpress strategy, and it is definitely something that I will be writing about more in the future.

The free version will let you play against 2 random opponents and if you pay $0.99, you get the ability to see the history of the games, and play against more people.  I will most likely drop the 4 quarters or 20 nickels to pay these guys for their hard work.

Overall, I definitely recommend it and it is a worthy addition to Words with Friend and Scramble with Friends!

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