Scramble With Friend Daily Challenge 3: Over already?!?!?

As some of you have complained, the Daily Challenge for March 2012 is over already!  It just disappeared off the front menu, and they didn’t award any coin bonuses!  What the heck?!?  Man, Zynga is really letting it slip here, what’s the point of doing these “challenges” of you don’t see your overall results??  Their quality control is really slipping!

Zynga, get your act together!!!

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One Response to Scramble With Friend Daily Challenge 3: Over already?!?!?

  1. Sandra Coburn says:

    Where can I find the rules for Daily Challenge?
    I just played a number of retries my highest score was over 800, my points were my lowest score of approx 550 and that was what is recorded.
    it may say look for the letters M A L A. but the high lighted letters could be P S E M.
    User name, Zeli,c

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