Scramble With Friends – Missing Freeze Power-Up

For all the Scramble With Friends fans out there, have you noticed that the “Freeze” Power-up is now missing? As of today (June 20, 2012), it appears Zynga has removed the option for time freeze. This was singlehandedly the most important Power-up you could use. I have no idea why they would get rid of it, except because they want people to try the other Power-Ups like Inspiration or Rotating the board. If that’s the case, then it failed because all it does is create confusion.

It’s annoying how much they’re futzing with the game. They just recently added another option for 3 Power-ups, which was nice but it’s so transparent they just want people to use up their tokens faster, in hopes they will buy more. I really hope they don’t kill this game by trying to over-monetize it.

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12 Responses to Scramble With Friends – Missing Freeze Power-Up

  1. Magistra Mimms says:

    On my game, the FREEZE power-up and ROTATE work fine, but INSPIRATION is disabled. Also, back to 2 choices after 24 hours of having 3 possibilities :-(

  2. Tammy says:

    They removed my Inspiration, which really annoys me. I use inspiration all the time and I actually use all my power-ups on inspirations. For the past 2 days, I had 3 power ups, because my opponent takes forever to play, I maxed out on all the power ups (2 Inspirations and 1 Freeze) figured they are trying to get me to buy more coins. Today, I’m back to only 2 power ups but unable to choose Inspiration. I played 2 games and call it quits. I’m not feeling it anymore.

  3. steve4games says:

    Yes, I noticed that I no longer have 3 power-ups, and I’m back to 2 Power-Ups as well. However, in my second round, it looks like I got back my Freeze Power-Up. This is really confusing and annoying that Zynga would be selectively disabling peoples’ ability to Power-Up.

  4. Eric says:

    I only use the freeze power up – I don’t use either of the other 2, and it appears but is unavailable for me (it is unavailable to be selected even though it appears). I can select either of the other powerups without issue. I think there must be some glitch because the only power-up I use I am now unable to – just like others are reporting for their favorite power-up.

  5. CindyLou says:

    Back to two Power-ups too… freeze power up disabled. Why disable any of them? Come’on Zynga….what gives?

  6. Cyndi says:

    My Inspiration power up is unavailable today. I’m so frustrated – that’s the one I use all the time. So frustrating!

  7. Stacywacy says:

    Inspiration power up is “greyed”out…NOT available. What gives?? it’s the only power up I use. C’mon….knock it off!! Leave the game as it was!!!

  8. Patti says:

    For a brief day or two had 3options to pick which
    I liked and could see how they want you to buy the
    Tokens. I do not like how they do not let you pick
    Options you like to use I AM NOT FEELING THE
    LOVE ANYMORE. Tine to stop for awhile unless they
    Give me back my freeze as well as give is some information
    On their updates.

  9. Eric says:


    As I posted above – my favorite power-up was disabled, but I asked my friends I was playing against if they could select the freeze power-up and they could with no problem, so I knew it wasn’t a Zynga decision but rather some glitch. I uninstalled Scramble with Friends and then re-installed – and everything now works as it always did. Just wanted to let you know if you hadn’t tried that, this worked for me.

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