Starting a new game of Words With Friends

The opening moves in a new game of WWF sets the pace for the entire game.  As I mentioned in a previous post, a key strategy to win is by ensuring your opponent does not get easy access to the TW square.

Taking this strategy to a higher level, however, is a more all-emcompassing strategy where you control the pace of the game.  If you can consistently maintain a suffocatingly slow pace, and if you are mindful of the tiles that you lay down, you can actually end up controlling where you opponent is able to place their tiles.  Doing so ensures a completely dominating game.

The basic tenet of this strategy is to place as few tiles as possible, but with maximum pts. By not exposing too many new letters, you control the new areas where your opponent can build off of, and leads to your opponent making mental mistakes, like exposing the TW square.  Waiting patiently like a coiled snake, you place as few tiles as possible, until the TW square or some other high value play gets exposed, and then you strike with as long a word as possible.  Waiting for your opponent to make a mistake is definitely the best way to consistently win at WWF.

For example, many people feel that the best opening move is by playing a 5 letter word that reaches the initial Double Word tile.  I think this is a mistake, unless you can get a 7 letter word that clears your rack and gets you the 30 pt bonus.  Unless you can clear your rack, the best move is to do a 2-letter word, preferably like AA or AE.

Keeping the exposed tiles that can be built off of keeps the game constrained and in check, and prevents your opponent from blowing the game wide open.  Having too many tiles, especially at the start of the game, means that your opponent has many opportunities to build new words, and that goes against your desire of limiting their moves.  Keeping your words small makes is harder for your opponent, and allows you to sit patiently waiting for them to make a mistake.

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