Tips and tricks on using Word-O-Meter

I’ve been getting a few questions on Words With Friends Word-O-Meter, so I figured I should compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions:

How to turn Word-O-Meter On and Off

Turning Word-O-Meter on and off is somewhat tricky. If you purchased Word-O-Meter, the steps to turn it on or off are:

1) click on the “More” button in the bottom right hand corner

2) The Word-O-Meter button is the one on the very right.  The number in green tells you how many uses you have left, so in my example I have 35 Word-O-Meter uses left. When you first purchase Word-O-Meter, 99 will be in green, which means that you have 99 uses.

If the Word-O-Meter button is YELLOW, that means the feature is turned off.

To turn it on, click on the button, and it will turn GREEN.

If you want to turn if off, then click on the button again, and it will turn YELLOW.

Word-O-Meter Annoyances

There are some things about Word-O-Meter that is pretty annoying.

1) Sometimes when you are trying a word out, and you want to move a letter, if the letter is the one with the green cross, then it sometimes tries to calculate the word. This happens especially when the word is close to the end of the board.

The only solution I’ve found is to do a “recall” of all the letters back to the tile rack, or turn off Word-O-Meter. It’s pretty annoying.

2) If you click on the +, it will calculate a word and use a turn, even though you already tried that word.

The good news is that if the word isn’t a word, then it won’t charge you.

Will I have to pay for Word-O-Meter if I didn’t pay for it?

Apparently Zynga gave some folks free uses of Tile Pile and Word-O-Meter. If you see a number in Green already on your Word-O-Meter, those are the number of uses you get to use of Word-O-Meter. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay for it, unless you actually buy it. When you buy uses of Word-O-Meter, your iPhone will ask you for your iTunes password, so you’ll know that you’re paying for it (Sorry I’m not sure how it works on Android or other platforms). As long as you don’t put in your iTunes password, you won’t be charged.

Any more questions about Word-O-Meter?  Add a comment below and we can try to get it answered!

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19 Responses to Tips and tricks on using Word-O-Meter

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  2. mike says:

    Just how does the Word-o-Meter work?
    At first I thought it just compares the total point value of the tiles played to the total point value of the word(s) formed: a simple direct ratio idea (2x= fair, 3x=good, 4x=very good, etc.)
    But now I’m not so sure.
    Any idea of just what variables are included in a word-o-meter score???

    • steve4games says:

      Hi Mike,

      I’m sure that what they do is calculate every possible valid word you can place on the board (based on the letters that you have), and then compare the score that you currently have to those words. So let’s say the best word you could possibly place on the board is 100 pts, and the word you are currently checking is worth 20 pts, the Word-O-Meter will go up to the 20% point (20/100). One time I found the highest possible word, and the Word-O-Meter went to 100 and went “ding-ding-ding” I guess indicating I had the best word possible.

      They might tweak their algorithm to have something like a logarithmic value or maybe compare it to some type of average, but basically its some sort of comparison of your current word to the total words that you can formulate with your letters on your particular board.

  3. Jay Hinkle says:

    I got a free trial of word o meter and now the green plus is always there and a pop up to purchase it. Any way to stop that ?

    • steve4games says:

      Hi Jay,

      You can “turn off” Word-O-Meter using the instructions above. That should remove the green plus sign. Let me know in the forums if this doesn’t help you.


      • vesvesves says:

        it IS yellow but the plus sign keeps coming and then asking me to buy. i dont want that to keep happening and i am not buying anything. it never happened until the free trial. that was another annoyance — i thought it was a free update not something i would lose and then be constantly hassled about.

  4. Selena says:

    I purchased the $14.99 play pack which gives me no adds & unlimited uses of Word-o-meter, plus a couple of other things. My app is malfunctioning on my phone. If I uninstall & then reinstall, will I lose my play pack?

    • steve4games says:

      Hmm… This is a good question. Why don’t you start a new topic in the forums, and I can try to help you troubleshoot this? (As you can see, I’m trying to get more people to use the forums :) )


  5. jeff says:

    wow i was shocked when this word o meter asked for more money. 3.20 for 99 tried? thats pretty deceiving. i would have thought it would have been good forever. maybe thats unrealistic. does anyone else feel like that

  6. junior says:

    shit game

  7. Jenny McCraw says:

    Help…I purchased word-o-meter recently. When I click ‘more’ , I get the ‘word-o-meter’ button with a green 99 on it. The feature is obviously turned off. When I click it to turn it on, nothing happens. What can I do?

    • steve4games says:

      Hi Jenny,

      That’s a weird problem… I’m not sure why your button won’t turn on, maybe you can contact WWF through their Facebook page? The other thing you can try is deleting your WWF and reinstalling it from the App Store? That might fix the problem, but before you try, make sure you remember your WWF username and password before deleting it from your phone. Let me know if this helps!


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